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About Us

How BizBuzz Got Started, or "I Wanted to 'Get' Social Media... So THIS is What I Did"

As an entrepreneur, I like staying on the forefront of trends and seize opportunities that keep my businesses moving forward. Remember when there was MySpace and then Facebook and you started hearing about ‘social networking’ and wondered what people really meant by that?
I wanted to explore how ‘social networking’ could help expand my markets and grow my business. When I couldn’t get enough information, I decided to do what any forward-thinking entrepreneur and event planner would do – create a conference to learn what I want to learn! We reached out to our colleagues who were in the web and digital marketing fields, BizBuzz was conceptualized, and we held our first conference in 2010.

Fast-forward to 2016, so much of what we do to market our business, and even how we do business is now social-media based. It’s no longer enough to have a company Facebook page and a LinkedIn profile. You have to have a strong social media presence with engaging content while remaining authentic, you need to dig deep into analytics to better reach your customers and understand their needs, and you may have heard that experts predict all content will be video by 2018. Many of us are hiring Social Media Managers to be an integral part of our marketing teams. Instead of newspaper clippings and articles, we now talk about social media engagement, reach, trending hashtags, and Snapchat stories. Every day it seems like there is one more platform we need to be on – Instagram, Snapchat – where does it end? It doesn’t.

We know we're not alone in these endeavors; keeping up with the latest in social media is crucial for every business. Whether you are an entrepreneur, local small business owner​, a social media practitioner, or a marketer, if you want to widen your brand's marketing reach within your ​community and beyond, you better be at BizBuzz on 9.29.
I’ll see you there, ​​

Nicole Samolis The Events Company SKY Armory Syracuse NY
Nicole Samolis, CSEP
Entrepreneur, Founder and Creative Director of ​The Events Company and SKY Armory

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There is a great deal of available parking in downtown Syracuse. We recommend the Trolley Lot, $5/day, which is located behind the MOST on Jefferson Street. You can also check this map of the area for additional options. (When you're viewing the map, SKY Armory is located near the 16 and the Trolley Lot is located at the 37.)
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