9:05 am
Scaling Inbound - From Building Brand Awareness to Closing Customers and Beyond:
The way people shop and buy has changed - the buyer now has all the power. We skip TV ads, we've joined the Do Not Call list, and we block pop-ups and online ads. Instead, researching online means buyers can get through nearly 2/3 of the sales process before even contacting a sales rep. 
Content creation is more important than ever in raising brand awareness and building authority, but it doesn't stop there. In this session, we'll walk through working the inbound methodology into your marketing & sales processes. It's not only marketing, it's also about closing and retaining your customers by continuing to provide value. 

10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Deep Dive: Analytics - Planning and Executing a Digital Marketing Program That Delivers Amazing Quantifiable Results:
When it comes to digital marketing, we all want to generate data that graphs out in the shape of that infamous hockey stick, but to achieve these results takes planning and an understanding of your audience, establishment of reasonable goals, and keeping a close eye on the data. This session will present a case study based on the our experiences promoting CoreLife Eatery through the web and social media. 

In 2015, CoreLife Eatery opened its first location right here in Syracuse, NY. Now, just one year later, CoreLife has opened 6 restaurants, and recently announced plans to open as many as 300 locations throughout the US. According to Larry Wilson, CEO of CoreLife Eatery “The results we have generated through social media and digital marketing have been nothing short of amazing. These efforts have had a huge positive impact of our success.” 

Topics covered in this session include: 
  • The CoreLife Eatery Story
  • The importance of creating messaging that resonates with your target audience. 
  • How creating a plan helped us achieve our goals
  • A look at the data.

10:30 am
Influence and Authenticity panel discussion:
Learn how to identify influencers to support campaigns and a step-by-step strategy to create meaningful and sustainable relationships with them on behalf of brands, as well as how to leverage your own influence online to propel yourself into different avenues of your business. 
Discover helpful tools to find relevant targets and better understand how their content is already being shared and the engagement level of their following. Leverage other connections within the community to establish trust, grow your audience and strengthen your own authority and brand strategy. Learn the perfect method to ally with powerful influencers and use that connection to grow your audience and strengthen your authority, and the mistakes to avoid. 

12:00 pm
Video Messaging:
There’s a thrill in every little aspect of growing your start-up. But what’s more awesome is what sets you apart from regular businesses. You are probably catching on: Video is the next big thing. You see it on your social media feed and your metrics. And for us, fire-starters, this is also a game changer. How many Kickstarter campaigns have you engaged with because they had a video? Or shared what someone else posted because it moved you? We really get the power of storytelling through video. Let’s make a strategy that sets you up for success.

Top 4 takeaways for attendees:
  • Why Video is the future of content marketing.
  • How to use video to boost your brand awareness.
  • How to create video content with intention.
  • Create a video marketing strategy and set yourself up for success.

1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Deep Dive: Creating Compelling Content:
Carry your narrative so close to your heart that when people hear your words they're moved to take action. Content doesn't just live on the page but within your business. It's a reflection of your brand and is embedded in your story. Learn how to reach the right audiences, engage on all levels of the customer journey, and create loyalty by telling the most authentic story across all of your social media channels. 
Learn how to reach your desired audience, define your target consumer, create content for various stages of the customer journey, and find your voice.

1:30 pm
Pay for Play: Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck
If you’ve noticed that no one sees your tweets or your Facebook posts anymore, you’re not alone. The digital marketing landscape is saturated with brand content. An organic post on Facebook reaches around 12% of your audience. Social teams across the board are often seeing dwindling engagement and ROI.
To get real results today, you have to create engaging, targeted social content… and pay money to promote it. But what content works? How do you find the right audience and, most importantly, how do you make sure you’re not just wasting money?

In this session attendees will learn:
  • The Current Landscape of Social Today & Emerging Trends
  • Why Social Media Marketing is Harder Than Ever
  • How to Build Targeted, Paid Social Promotions for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram
  • How to Track Social ROI with Free & Paid Tools 

3:00 pm
Social Strategy Success Stories panel discussion:
In this discussion, panelists will share the successes they've had creating content and campaigns and the strategies they used to gain attention, engagement, and results. Plus, particularly of interest to marketers at non-profits:  tips and strategies for planning your own online advocacy day, a highlight of emerging trends in digital activism, and concrete tools to reach wide audiences on social media.


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